Lily Fausett Interview - TuneSick Select

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The new series of Select is here, catch the first episode now.
Lily Fausett Interview - TuneSick Select

This is the new and first official single release from Lily Fausett, a young singer based in London, United Kingdom.

The talented singer and all round music producer was noticed and taken under the wing of Flashing Lights Entertainment and Flashing Lights Records, to produce and release this single under their label.

Lily was also interviewed for a special edition of TuneSick Select, which was the first episode of the new series that started earlier this week.We found out a lot about the singer, her background and what is hopefully to come.   

You can listen to the full track in high res on the platform and you can also check out the official video here

We hope you enjoy listening to it!

Lily Fausett: lilyfausett
TuneSIck Music: tunesickapp/

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