ShankleDip - Getting To Know The Man Behind The Music

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As the singer and dancer launches his new EP and tour, we take a look at his background and the rise of the independent artist.
ShankleDip - Getting To Know The Man Behind The Music

As a lover of good music and dance, you might have heard about Shankle Dip. He is a magical dancer who makes everyone stunned through his attractive dance moves. Shankle Dip is a magical songwriter and a very dedicated singer.
His music songs have attracted a larger audience towards his music. Some of his stunning performances have enabled him to earn symbolical names and popularity. His original name is Dewight Mclntyre but his stunning performance in Elephant man's music video made him Shankle Dip.

Shankle Dip is a 43 years old passionate musical artist who makes the people his fans with his matchless artistic skills. Fling Yuh Foot is one of his popular songs released last year. Choppa Bounce is his song that is released this year and gave a surprise to his fans. He is working on new projects and soon will release more.
If you are a Shankle Dip fan and want to know more about him, this article is for you.

Shankle Dip Biography
Shankle Dip was born in St. James, Jamaica on 1st May 1979. He got his education from Maldon High School. Shankle Dip was the youngest child of his parents. He has 18 siblings and hence a huge family. His words have magic that attracts people more towards him. Shankle Dip is a hot charming musician with extraordinary dance skills.

Bio-Wiki of Shankle Dip
Name Dewight Mclntyre
Occupation Singer, songwriter, dancer
Date of Birth 1st May 1979
Education Maldon High School
Birthplace St. James, Jamaica
Popular Name Shankle Dip

Shankle Dip Songs
Shankle Dip has done wonders in many of the music videos and song compositions. He has a huge fanbase and he knows how to attract people to his music. Shankle Dip has written and sung popular songs. A list of his recent hit songs is below. You can listen to them on his official YouTube channel, TuneSick profile or website. These are the masterpieces created by him.

Song Name Released Year
Choppa Bounce 2022
Summer Time 2013
Let's Have a Party 2013
Get Outta Here 2017
Fling You Foot 2021

He has made an excellent comeback in 2022 and has just released one of his new songs that are going to hit in a very short time. There are many more songs and music videos by Shankle Dip that are attractive and amazing looking. Shankle Dip is working on new projects too and giving hints to his followers. It seems that some magical music performance is on the way by him. Every one of his fans is impatiently waiting. You can also join ShankleDip's next major event here.

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