The Colin Whittaker Band - New Music Video Dropping Soon

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A TuneSick exclusive from the CWB drops this weekend on YouTube, the new single is one not to miss.
The Colin Whittaker Band - New Music Video Dropping Soon

As a music lover, you might have heard several songs by The Colin Whittaker Band. On a romantic evening and long drive, "Mansion on the Moon" might be your favorite song to go with. This is one of the best music produced by The Colin Whittaker band ever. Some likes music and others love lyrics. Sometimes you are in a mood to enjoy the instrumental music but other times your soul craves good lyrics. All this you can find in the songs of The Colin Whittaker Band.

Colin Whittaker is the musician and songwriter of the band who is based in the UK. Apart from Whittaker, all other members of the band are top musicians that you ever heard. All the best musicians work together to present you with good quality music. Following is the complete detail of The Colin Whittaker Band that might seem interesting for you to know.

Band Members: Colin Whittaker. He is the musician and songwriter of the band who has written some beautiful and soul-touching songs to date. The huge credit for the success of the band can be given to this man without any hesitation. Colin Whittaker is also a vocalist, flutist, and guitarist. Mike Whittaker: A good piece of music can't be produced without a good bass. Mike Whittaker who is his brother of Colin is also contributing to bass playing for the band. If you are a fan of The Colin Whittaker Band then you must have listened to "Empty bottles:" by this band. Mike has played the bass for that song. What a masterpiece of music that song is. Mike Bedford: Mike Bedford is another top name among the musicians of this band. He plays drums in the band and has the power to create a piece of music that touches your soul. Whether you are enjoying it in your closed room or with friends at a night party, Mike Bedford's drumming in the music sets up the environment on fire. Will Jackson: A good guitarist can urge the listener to play the music again and again. The Colin Whittaker Band has Will Jackson who is not only a guitarist but also a producer of the music. He is a sound engineer who plays a unique and important role in giving the final touch to a created piece of music. Cherrie Gears: Cherrie Gears is one of the earliest members of the band. She is a vocalist and has played the greatest role in the success of the band. "Love Don’t Look Like This" is the first release of this band that set records. Cherrie Gears was part of this wonderful music.

Famous songs by The Colin Whittaker Band: "A Million Dollars" is one of the recent songs by the band. This was released in 2021 and is extremely popular among music lovers. Another one is "Love Don't Look Like This" which is one of the famous songs produced by the band. For romantic nights, The Colin Whittaker Band has created a "Love Song" for you to listen to and make your nights colorful. "Mansion on the Moon" is also a worth listening song produced by The Colin Whittaker Band in 2020.

Make sure you tune in on YouTube this weekend so you don't miss the new video and here yet another unique song by this unique band, with even a guest cameo dance appearance from Dancer Long Sleeves. Plus, the boys get in some trouble with the Police... It is definitely not one to miss. 








Words by Dilowar Hosen and Hamza Afrul

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