Mobile App Maintenance Work Update

TuneSick TuneSick · 6 months ago
For about 7 days, the mobile app will be down for important maintenance work, we are sorry for the downtime.
Mobile App Maintenance Work Update

You may have noticed the mobile app has been down for some time. This is due to important updates and maintenance work being carried out. We expect it to take approximately another week before the app is back to normal and up and running again.


We're so sorry for this downtime and thank you so much for your patience. In the meantime, you can use the desktop and mobile site as normal, with full funtionality. Browse and upload songs, create playlists and more and contact us if you require any assistance. 


The support desk as some useful articles on any support related issues you might be facing. Have a look there if you get stuck and need some help. 

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