Earn points on TuneSick (Beta Mode)

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What better way to reward you for using our site? Earn points and redeem them as credit within your account or as cash.
Earn points on TuneSick (Beta Mode)

We developed a new system whereby users can earn points each time they use the site. When you download or purchase a song you earn points, when you upload a song you also earn points. These points are stored within your account and can be used as credit for purcahsing more songs, for upgrading your account or it can even be used as advertising spend. If you don't fancy using it as your credit then you can withdraw it as plain hard cash, that's right you heard it right. 

More information can be seen here:  https://www.tunesick.app/point-system

You can also see your account balance in the advertising section, this is updated and refreshed approximately every 30 minitues: https://www.tunesick.app/ads

Please note, this is still in beta mode and so that means some things may not work properly but that's alright, we are on hand to assist with any problems. If you need to request a withdrawal or redeem credit then just shoot us a message. You can also reach out to the site admin here.

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