Social Media Executive Required (New York / London)

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TuneSick is looking for a social media executive to help the company build its brand an online presence. Read on for more information and how to apply.
Social Media Executive Required (New York / London)

We are looking for somebody to join our small digital team overseeing the TuneSick US and UK marketing and social media channels.

This is a great opportunity for someone with no or little experience in social media to become part of a small vibrant and growing team of driven individuals with entrepreneurial flair. 

This position is for someone who wants to shake up the status quo, someone who is not afraid of trying new things and taking on new challeges. A business minded person, with ambitions of progessing to more senior roles within a few years time. 

Experience is ideal, but not essential. Knowledge of the subject is critical, and where experience is not present then a qualification in marketing is paramount. 

Job duties will include: Producing a social media strategy in line with comapny goals, communicating this strategy with other staff, overseeing the company social media accounts, producing new content on a daily basis, in liason with other staff from all other departments; monitoring the performance of the social media content, reporting it to other staff with the help of financial reports and ROI. 

In return, you will be rewarded with a pay of $40,000 as a base salary, with the ability to earn more through share and stock incentives, advertising revenue sharing and sales commission. Career progession is a fundamental part of the company philosophy, with all business and highly skilled staff trained and geared towards developing their career to reach senior level posistions within a matter of years. There really is no limit to what can be achieved, we look forward to recieving your application and inviting you for an interview. 

To apply, please email Dilowar a short cover letter and resume at 

All applicants will receive a decision within 7 working days. Those who are successful will be invited for an interview and paid practical skills day where a final decision will be reached. You can also chat with us online through live our live chat or contact us if you have any questions regarding the vacancy or anything else.

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