ShankleDip's Official Video Drops on Friday 24th December 2021

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The official video for the ShankleDip song drops this Friday, try not to miss it!
ShankleDip's Official Video Drops on Friday 24th December 2021

ShankleDip has been busy over the past year, releasing songs, touring and now releasing a new music video for the single 'Live Life'. 

On Christmas Eve, December 1984, Majorie Fagan gave birth to a long limbed bouncing baby boy whom she named Roy Fagan. Little did she know that he would become one of Jamaica's well known dancers. Raised in Kencot, Kingston, Royan was exposed to Jamaica's music scene from an early stage. From School all the way to the present day, the dancer has been dancing his way through life on the big stage - and has never looked back. 

The devoted father who plans to leave his legacy to his son has created several dance moves which have made a major impact on the Dancehall arena. The 'Shankle Dip' and 'Iverson Bounce' are just a few of many.

The transition from dance to vocals came as a no surprise as most of the dance moves required a song to make it a staple in the industry. To this end, Shankle Dip has recorded his first Dancehall hit 'Balance', which is complemented by hs own signature move.

Earlier on in the year we caught up with him to talk all things music, the interview is here. Look out for the video out in just two days time. 








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