Lily Fausett - I Don't Love You, Out 18.3.22

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The new single drops this week, look out for the premiere.
Lily Fausett - I Don't Love You, Out 18.3.22

Singer - songwriter and music producer Lily Fausett has been working behind the scenes with the London based record label and artist agency Flashing Lights Entertainment. The two have been working together over the last 6 months making a song that would be a sure hit for them and that would propel them into the arms of many fans and listeners internationally. 

We sat down with Lily a while ago to find out more behind the making of the song, what led her to write it and what it was like working with the label for the first time. It's a completely new experience for her, and something that is likely to bring all sorts of challenges for anybody first starting out in the music scene, especially someone as young as her. 

You can see the video here

The Covid pandemic certainly did not help to make things easy, as it was extremely difficult to arrange meetings and events whilst the whole country was still facing some restrictions. There was also the loss of money coming in as there were less events taking place, also meaning less advertising and orders for gig bookings. It's definitely been a tough 2 years. However, as things gradually began to ease, it opened the doors to new found freedoms, being able to socialise again, recording music in the studio and going out. 

There is now a lot lying ahead for the future, and it seems the worst is now behind. Depending on the success of the up and coming single there could be more releases to come along with more events. We will keep posted here for suture updates, and look forward to the up and coming release this Friday on the 18th March.  

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