TuneSick is a complete all-in-one platform for musical artists to promote their sound and grow their fanbase. Listeners can discover the latest original sounds from up and coming artists all over the globe. Through TuneSick artists can sell their music online at the highest rates, in the form of digital streams. Our platform also exists to help connect artists with other musicians and their loyal fans.

We are an wholly independent platform, free from the influence and conflicts of interests of record label owners, media moguls, publishers and TV executives. By signing up to TuneSick you are helping to promote the equality and diversity of musical talent.

Ethical music streaming - Points based reward system

TuneSick operates a points based rewards system whereby users earn points every time they download, purchase or upload a song, amongst other things. These points can then be used as credit in your account, it can be withdrawn to your bank account to spend as you wish.
Be rewarded for listening to music, and reward artists for producing music that you love.

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