The best way to avoid copyright infringement is to ensure that you don’t use anything created by anyone else. If you do use someone else's work, make sure you have the permission or right do so.
More information about copyright laws where you are can be found here:


All songs uploaded onto the TuneSick platform should be copyrightedand registered with PRS, Sentric, ASCAP or any other relevant authority. It is your responsibility to ensure all songs uploaded comply with all copyright and licenscing and DMCA laws. If found to not be in accordance as such, we shall move swiftly to take down any unathorised content and disable your TuneSick account.

If there is to be found any content that is being used on the site without the owners' permission we will take it down swiftly. Users assume full responsibility and liability for all content uploaded on the platform. Our DMCA and complaints procedure exists to protect the legal rights of copyright owners and we strive to maintain our integrity as an ethical streaming and sharing platform.

How to report copyright infringement, make a complaint and more.

Copyright / Intellectual Property rights / DMCA & Complaints procedures

At TuneSick we take intellectual property rights and copyright infringement very seriously, and will swiftly act to remove anything that violates such laws.

1. If you notice a track or song that is being used without yours or the rightful owners permission the first step to take is to contact the user who has uploaded the track. He or she may have some right either directly or indirectly.

2. If this is unsuccessful, you can simply visit the track in question, at the top of the track you will see a small 3 dotted line, simply click on this and then select ˜Report Copyright™. The necessary steps will then be taken to inspect the material and remove the track if it there without permission.

3. You can also contact us directly so we can investigate any report thoroughly. You can contact us directly and make a submission at:

Please note: The music industry contains so many distributors and channels. Sometimes it can be that a user has permission either directly or indirectly, through another supplier or contact of some sort. It is sometimes the case that somewhere in the process of things, the user has sought permission either through an agent or some other intermediary. So it is always worthwhile to contact the original user first to check.

We will also ask for proof of ownership of the original track in the form of relevant documents. We will then take down any track that is proven to be in violation of DMCA / Copyright laws. Thank you.

More information can also be found by visiting our dedicated Help Centre here

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