Welcome my peoples of the World and beyond, i am so happy to be sharing this special Music Video Visualizer for the mighty Clothing & Apparel / Online & DAB / Radio station / Event Organizers / Photography / Artist & DJ's / Recording Studios & Music Production Team the one and only 'Vinyl Vandals' based in the UK and Doa and Internationally, Worldwide known, it is such a honour to be finally working with this mighty super brand, and the the connection and bond with 'Vinyl Vandals' runs deeper than just me making a guest appearance as the CEO & Director of the company 'Chino VV' is actually the son of the legendary 'Cipriani' who was also one of best friends in Music and also personal me and 'Cip' was very close and it really sadden us all when he past away over 6 years ago, we miss you my Brother, when i first started taking DJ'ing seriously 'Cipriani' was one of the first to show me the ropes as i started to climb the ladder of club land and being a established Artist and at the time i owned and was running the now defunct but never forgotten 'Housewavelive' and then in later years 'The Housewave Project' was born and my Brother 'Cipriani' was with me all the way and always had my back, we use to have so many jamming sessions after our gigs we would go down to my studio or go live on air at the 'Housewavelive' studio for hours and hour even sometimes days, i mean seriously, legend has it we was known to even spend a whole 7 days or more non-stop no breaks live on air while the masses use to cheer us on and send us shout outs via text and even call in's live on air debates, jokes and Underground beats hot, happy and bouncing off the walls with friends and fellow DJ's, Hosts, MC's, Radio Personalities, Club Owners, and even ravers and special chosen people we met the night before on the dancefloor enjoying our live sets we will sometimes even have full blown in there rolling out beats and eatting takeaways and rising out the infamous studio tuck show, that had every thing you possibly think of or wish for while in the booth going crazy on them turntables after hours or early rising times when you should be in your bed or on your way to work, it was those times we used to loose our minds and find it all over again in the music, goodtimes those was some of the best times of my life and i will cheerish for the rest of my days and beyond, we love you 'Cipriani' and i wanna dedicate this special warm up show to you, as well as the full show that will be aired live on 'Vinyl Vandals' Radio at a later date TBA, but before i go i would like to say a big thank you to 'Chino VV' and the rest of VV familiy for having me on board i promise you this will not be my last show i present for you, and on this occasion i would like to take you all on ancestral ride with me as we take it back to motherland, just how 'Cipriani' would of liked it even though we was both very deep into Tech-House & Techno Minimal sounds we was both very intouch with our roots and as your know it all started with just a simple drum in Africa and look where we all are now, all these different styles & genres of Music all from one place the essence of it all the sound of the World, long live Africa.

This special warm up show features new and exclusive tracks from, Baker Troubles, Natalie, DJ O +More and will be available to download via my all new 2021 updated SoundCloud account (Link will appear TBA)

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