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Psychology killers
Heartless villains
Masquerading leading out the crowd
Typology thriller
Timeless trigger
By you look death creeping at your door

Pathology research
Mind set reverse
Savages some people never known
Thoughts Like wizards
Sharp like scissors
Search n then truth it shall be found

Dem absurd mi superb n super run suburbs black trooper dark cooper mask shooters bloggers mockers n bloopers looters hookers n hooters they kno u kno but who cares lil kidsl hurts in earths brain games crafting wworth often work marking word's haunting curse sarrows despair twirp holy, earth monster lurkes bloody concerts
no concern 2030plan earth 🌎 purge
Turn other cheek won't work history tought what you heard mocking bird Saturate Story shared social life in atmosphere but
now u scared

Clearing Yuh vision proactive predictions real Missions no Sitcoms
Just look and watch it comes
Jumanji beating drums breathing numbs Freezing lung's needle guns evil comes invasion secret nations evil scums drinking blood Children crying hunger sums People dying Commotions demons plunge sleeping souls seeking drugs living slums
leaders blunt Inferior Stunt still not done 2years lock down don't pull qmask down dreadful task for discreet taskforce no remorse for leaving heart cold history death toll mystery imposed secret declosed .

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