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I need a Light on this journey.

Hook: Light My Way, You need to, Light My Way, You need to, tell me I'm okay coz it losing sleep, losing it ,over ya.

Verse 1: Light My Way, tell that me everything that we doing together might never change us, (but I know it will). Giving 50/50 of each other in the city got you feeling like broke lovers, did you miss her, hug her. Alright
There I Go, tryna find friend, someone to confine in.
(But irony is)
I opted out of everything, sit back and watch it fall because I'll fall again.

Pre: Letting go of fears, there were no more tears. This time when you said I let you go, I knew you meant it and you don't regret.

Letting go of fears, you let go and I cared. This time I know that keeping eyes opened its better then giving a blind eye to it.

Verse 2: Create a path for me so I can come and land in. Last time we were together, yeah you left me stranded.
Couldn't understand it.
Time it's not our fault.
Guess we on a different plan.
We will never see the same.
Spent so many moments feeling just so jaded. I don't wanna explain what I'm going through now. If I explain it, you'll leave again. And fade away and come back in a few months babe.

Verse 3: You need to Light My Way, you need to find a way. Find someone who cares. Right I'm not therex2

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