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Electronic and Middle Eastern music.


Stand down for the best now
Take my time you better pay up in the next hour
Fuck a rollie with an iced out turnstile
I see when the time's out
Get my burst out
Fucking times out
Fucked with 'Ye
Now she fuck with me
Got no kids call me daddy of the day
I be rich with no money that's the thing
Got no queen but I'm treated like a king
I see money I see bitches and a bentley
How the fuck you still a loser you a dead g
I say you don't wanna take another chance g
Get the fuck out my face i don't wanna dance g
Oh my days tell me oh my days
I've been ballin' yes I'm ballin' everyday
Get it bouncing or you gonna catch a fade
Imma alley-oop and ball you out the way
It's today, this is where I say
I've had enough of your shit I'm about to rage
Get my burst out like I'm in a game
Another three shots take you to a place
Double rounds
2 rounds 2 rounds
Ak in my gown
Pull it out like somebody callin me now
Who dis, picking up my phone
Fuck with me I'll put your body underground
Yeah yeah
Fuck a grave you don't need a thing
Oh no dirt up on your face
Better Wipe it off you look like a disgrace
Oh mate
I could go for days
Stacking bodies Dignitas it's all ok
Imma beat Tay K to his race
Now I better stop before I catch a case

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