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story telling

Say she want me back 
But am gone too far away 
The girl life don cast 
Gayu sun ankare

2many guys for insta 
2many guys for face b☆☆☆k 
many guys for Twitter ah.. 
Dey want run ur way

Why me why now 
You told me stay away 
You don't got mah time 
You told me to walk away

Cos Ah don't gat no house 
Ah done gat no motto 
Am ah lonely broker 
Ah don't have no damn… 
…. told me ah should listen up 
Cos she don't got my time 
She don't want me where she was  
Cos amma broken ass 
Told me am not enough  
I ain't type of hers 
I told her am in love with her but her answer was  
Kana da gida da motto 
Kana da gida ah kassan waje…. 
If you ain't got gida da motto 
Den you got to stay away

Bani da gida da motto 
Bani da gida ah kassan waje 
Woman na gari in samu ai shine fatana(×2)

Woman na gari na samu 
Wey don need no motto 
Woman na gari na samu 
That love me without house in kasan waje(×2)

I don't want to say 
But girl I no go lie 
I don't want you anywhere in mah life(×2)

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