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The devil is a song based on how I feel like the devil


Now I’m talking it up walking it up I Fawlk out I talk out soon ima walk out you don’t see me sombody free me I needa catch some sleep instead of bleeping the bad words sad words but when I’m blurting it out it’s hurting now I needa wait it out not debait it now look I swore life’s saw now you can bow down to me stop calling me a wanna be but can you not see I’m the devil I got all the plans I’m a proper man I don’t need fans but it’s what I want the devil in me makes me bleed soon ima Jesus plead to get the help instead of talking walking fawlking out but look out cause i see the smirk on your face you can’t rap at a cirtan pace I’m just trying to get laced so I stay paced already faced my fears I got told no one cares oh dear I smell evil near I can hear it creeping and seeping In on me !
Am I blind?
I’m trynna rhyme
Sick of doing crime
I’m a saint all these people gonna faint paint the bigger picture give me another lecture so I can learn I don’t want my world to crash and burn I’m still only a kid I want the earnings not to make my life crumble and burn I still want a turn at life without strife it’s tough I’m trynna be buff I just play a bit rough and I just wanna have fun till the day I die never cry I swore to god that I’ll be good not acting like I’m from the hood I’m trying to start over but people stand over top of me telling me I’m trash I needa be bashed so I get smashed smoking all the cones sitting alone talking to the devil about my life he tells me pull the knife and stab just act like your mad just be bad but I said fuck that I’m good I’m sick of listening to you you idiotic prick take a look dont have a sook read another book but look I’m good I can teach I can preach I ain’t drinking to bleach just go to the beach and chill pay no bills sitting and preying saying the thoughts that I brought I never got taught but look I’m trying to act tough I’m not even buff but I’ll still play rough cause the devil he’s evil desiteful discreteful but now your going to be beat fool think your cool your just a mother fucking tool run and jump in the pool I’ll make you go to hell no need to yell I was the one who fell but look who got back up and stood up to you I’m not scared I never feared I just though about the shit I brought I never got caught for the stupid shit I did FUCK sakes yeah

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