Mike Pennino - The New Album

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The new album from the Christian Rap singer has landed, read on to find out more about the story behind it.
Mike Pennino - The New Album

Mike Pennino is a New Jersey native living in North Carolina who loves Jesus, people, and hip-hop. On a new transformative musical journey, his goal is to help people experience the power and glory of Jesus.

Before heading to college he stumbled upon Christian Hip-hop, which led to reading the New Testament for the first time. This eventually led Mike to understanding why Jesus came to earth, died on the cross, and rose from the dead. Jesus did all of it in order to free us from our sins, heal us, and reconcile us back to God.

When it finally clicked for Mike, he was all in and placed his faith in Jesus. Long story short... God won his heart and saved him.

Since then Mike graduated from UNCP and released his first mixtape Absolute Reality in 2016. On January 2021, Mike released his new single Just A Glimpse. Every song or piece of art shows us a glimpse of the artist. On Just A Glimpse Mike gives the listener just a glimpse of himself, his life, and what Jesus has done. And more importantly, it's Mike's hope that in every song he makes that the listener would be able to get just a glimpse of the One who made them, loves them, died for them, and rose from the dead. To hear this wonderful good news!

So Mike is pulling no punches when it comes to sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly in life. Being real and transparent because Mike wants his music to help people. To help people have a relationship with God, help people overcome their struggles, help people heal, and help people become who they were made to truly be.

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