Copyright Policy & Certificate

Users have full responsibilty to ensure any audio they upload is done so with the permission of the original owner. Any content that is on the site without the legal right can be reported so that it can be checked and taken down.

TuneSick is a free music streaming platform. Any content hosted on the site is vetted, if there is any content that infringes copyright, it can be taken down immediately, with a very simple DMCA compliant procedure.

A subsection of music from users on the site is under the ‘Fair Use Policy’. Users are required to clearly stipulate such music is for fair use policy otherwise the content will be removed. We constantly monitor and vet content on the platform to ensure standards are being met.  

To this day we have not had any complaints issues regarding policy violations.

A full, valid DMCA / Copyright take-down form notice is freely and widely available for people to use should there be any copyright issues. This is in accordance with the DMCA Act. There is no time delay to take down songs.

Please refer to our full copyright and intellectual rights policy here:

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