Check Out The New R&B Dancehall Playlist

TuneSick TuneSick · 9 months ago · 379 views
We just recently added the new playlist, full of the new releases, check them out below:
Check Out The New R&B Dancehall Playlist

It's been a busy few months on the platform as we worked hard to get rid of some minor bugs and roll out the full features of the mobile app. 

What's more, some great new releases have hit the platform, with the lights of Von Barz, SawBoss, Shankledip, Phillip Stevenson and loads more.

We just added a new R&B and Dancehall playlist for you to enjoy, featuring loads of fresh new talent. Gemini Management helped complile the list, with more songs to be added later over the course of the next week.

We hope you enjoy listening! Stream it here



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