Philip Stevenson - A Look Into The Work & Life of An Award Winning Music Producer

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Songwriter extraordinaire and musician Philip Stevenson joined the RuffSide crew to catch up.
Philip Stevenson - A Look Into The Work & Life of An Award Winning Music Producer

Philip Stevenson is a French music producer encompassing a range of genres including Jazz, House and Soul. Starting from a very young age, he played the piano, went on to study music and even completed a degree in it.  Right now he is looking to take up music as his main line of work, after spending much time practising, he wants to turn his passion for music into a full time job. 

He is referred to as the 'music professor', after all the studies he has completed, and his wealth of experience not just studying but also performing. Being on the road he was part of a Jazz Fusion group, which involved a very demanding schedule. He talks about all the sorts of activities that kept him busy being on the road and not having enough hours in the day. 

Inspiration comes naturally to Philip. Just being around nature, and taking in the environment is enough to motivate the songwriter to write lyrics, even just writing them down for future use. He talks about Michael Jackson being such a big influence to him, musically and also by lifestyle. Looking at their journey it is clear that they share the same love and drive, and will do whatever it takes to reach their goals. 

There's a lot going on right now for the artist, as well as making hits (he currently has over 50 in the works), he is up for numerous awards and busy collaborating with other popular artists, he hopes to get signed and we hope so too. Check out the interview for all the info.







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