Remembering Jamal Edwards, A True Pioneer

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Jamal Edwards, founder of SBTV and music pioneer has died aged 31.
Remembering Jamal Edwards, A True Pioneer
Jamal launched SBTV, the Urban music platform for up and coming artists, providing them with a stage to promote their track or song. It was because of the platform that some of the best known celebrities were able to grow as they did, such as Stormzy and Dave.


Jamal launched the platform with just a single camera in hand when he was just 15 years old. He began with just recording videos of his friends rapping and then uploading it to the SBTV YouTube channel, and then it quickly exploded to become the go to place in the UK Grime and Rap scene, cementing the channel as the leader in its class. It also helped build the YouTube platform as a whole, with tons of people flocking to it to watch the latest videos. In fact, when it first started, the channel was the only of its kind, which allowed it to become so popular. Others then began to join and follow suit. 


Condolences have been paid across the whole board, including from YouTube, Chelsea F.C and comedian Mo Gilligan. 


Jamal was and still is a true visionary, going beyond the boundaries to achieve what he did. He never stopped working and his work has achieved so much recognition for all the work he has done. His legacy will be the numerous artists he helped establish, the Grime and Rap scene as a whole including the numerous outlets that have now become such a big part of what is an ever changing.
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