23,908,253 views Premiered Dec 21, 2023 NEW YORK
i completed my 1st drill with my friend Fivio! 😀
Stream/Download: https://ffm.to/qo6lg39
How it was made:

• DORM SESSION #1 - Lil Mabu x Fivio Fo...
LIMITED CLOTHING: https://younggeniusacademy.education
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Legal Disclaimer:
The intention of this music video is an artistic social commentary on our society. Any references to violence and any portrayal of violence in this video are strictly for entertainment purposes. These stunts are scripted and acted out by professionals. The weapons displayed in this video are certified props and are utilized strictly for entertainment purposes. Do not attempt anything in this video from home.

Directed by Rick Lancaster
Written & Co-directed by Lil Mabu

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